Guard Dog Security :

Sometimes, a physical presence can fail to provide a significant deterrent against criminal activity, or is not enough to protect particular sites or establishments. Golden Guards  provide Guard Dog Security services across Yorkshire, from Doncaster and Sheffield through to Leeds and the surrounding areas.

Guard dogs provide an incredibly effective visual and audible deterrent against criminal activity. The presence of a guard dog makes potential intruders and criminals think twice about entering your site illegally, giving your site or establishment an extra layer of security. Our security dogs protect your business assets and property, perfect for Construction Site Security, where valuable tools and equipment are often left overnight.

A security dog’s hearing and smell is much more sensitive than a human’s and they are better able to detect a hidden person than a security guard. Protect your business and any valuable assets, with our professional Guard Dog Security services.

Mobile Security Patrols :

Golden Guards provide Mobile Security Patrols, helping protect sites throughout LeedsSheffieldRotherham and the rest of Yorkshire against criminal activity. Mobile patrols offer a cost-effective alternative to Manned Guarding, while still providing an effective security solution to help prevent theft, vandalism or any other criminal activity and offer quick response in case of an emergency.

During a patrol, a fully trained security guard from Northern Guarding will visit your site out of hours at random intervals. Our guards drive a high visibility marked patrol vehicle, ensuring people know your site is protected by a security officer. This provides a visual deterrent, minimising the threat of potential vandals and criminals on your site.

Our officer performs a full check on the integrity of your site, recording or dealing with any irregularities or security breaches they find. All our security staff are fully trained and SIA licensed, providing a very flexible security service to suit your needs.

Manned Guarding :

Golden Guards provide reliable and cost effective Manned Guarding services, offering professional security solutions to sites and properties across all areas of Yorkshire, from Leeds through to Sheffield and York. Our fully trained, SIA licensed security guards are fully supervised and protected by our 24-hour manned control room, supervisors and managers who offer a quick response in case of emergency.

As well as holding an SIA licence, each security guard receives full in-house and on-site training to ensure they are equipped to offer the highest standard security service in the industry. All our manned security guards deal with any issues and incidents quickly and efficiently, maintaining a professional and helpful attitude at all times.

We understand that our officers represent your business, and ensure that all our guards possess excellent interpersonal skills. We make sure your customers, clients or guests receive the best security service possible. We pride ourselves on being some of the best security contractors in the industry, focusing on providing complete customer

Gatehouse Security :

Professional security is essential for a wide range of modern businesses and establishments, from business parks and office blocks to retail parks and industrial sites. Northern Guarding provide effective Gatehouse Security services, providing a first point of protection on sites from Leeds through to SheffieldBarnsley and throughout the rest of Yorkshire.

Gatehouse Security improves your site’s health and safety. Our guards control access and egress for a range of sites and establishments so you know how many people are on your site at any one time. We can also check identification to ensure only legitimate visitors and staff enter your site. Our officers provide effective Event Security, Retail Security and Construction Site Security solutions, able to control access of any vehicles, staff or visitors into your property.

Effectively control access into your site, with Gatehouse Security services from Golden Guards.

Event Security :

Creating a safe, enjoyable live environment is key to making any type of event successful. Golden Guards provide comprehensive Event Security services from Leeds and Sheffield through to Doncaster and across the whole of Yorkshire. We provide security for events of all types and sizes, minimizing the risk of incident or emergency.

We understand our guards are the first point of contact for guests at many events. That’s why all our security guards are SIA licensed and given in-house and on-site training to provide the very best security and customer service to your guests. Our staff provide a professional, friendly service, giving a warm welcome to legitimate guests while professionally dealing with any intruders and preventing any criminal activity.

Events are supposed to be enjoyable for everybody involved. Our security guards make sure everybody is comfortable at events of all sizes, and step up in case of incident or emergency.